... I like chocolate. Also dinosaurs, Doctor Who, and cruises.

In addition to a boring full-time job, I am a part-time travel agent, and I dabble in graphic design, photography, video production, and cooking & baking. The rest of my time is mostly spent watching a ton of movies and television when I'm not thinking, talking about, or currently on a cruise.  

I didn't want to murder the hibiscus so I just took a photo with it.

I also ramble on about random, unimportant things in what is hopefully a vaguely humorous and/or satirical way. Sometimes I share recipes that I like if I think they are easy enough for (most) anyone to be able to make successfully.

Please enjoy at your leisure, but follow me so you don't miss any of the magic. Then tell everyone you know about it so that I can make millions of dollars so that they can also enjoy it. Ciao!


Q: I don't get your banner...
A: That's not a question.

Q: Okay... "What is... I don't get your banner...?"
A: Fine. Back in 2011 when I started my blog, my banner was just me in bed with my laptop in my lap and my TV on. That's where I did all of my TV watching, blogging, and general laptop-ing because I had roommates and the living room was cold. After I re-branded from The Blog You're About To Read, I wanted to reflect all my "trades" and inserted a bunch of "mes" from my past posts, a photo of a ship, and the crack in the universe to reflect my current interests. I spend way less time in bed now since I have a roommate whom I like (aka Husband). 

Q: Why doesn't the cartoon-you have a nose?
A: Because I liked me better without a nose. I also don't have fingers, a rib cage, or shoes. 

Q: Why don't you use cartoons for your stories anymore?
A: Most of the time, my new stories have photos of what happened because digital cameras were invented. Maybe probably I'll photoshop cartoon-me into some of the photos for consistency. 

Q: Why do you just have the you-in-your-bed in your YouTube video graphics?
A: Pretend I'm in a cruise ship cabin. But actually, it's because I spent time making that so long ago, so I wanted to use it, and every time I learn After Effects and then stop using it I forget how to use it again. You're right, I should probably update it. 

Q: So, wait. If I ask you to book travel for me, you're not going to be doing it from your bed? Seems misleading...
A: No. I will be doing it from my desk. I'm no longer not a caveman. Unless you really need me to be true to my apparent brand, in which case I will SO book your cruise from my comfy bed. 

Q: What kind of travel can you book for me?
A: I can book any kind of travel you want to do, but my familiarity with the cruise industry from all my experience cruising does make me better at booking cruises than other kinds of travel.

Q: What if I want to get in touch with you?
A: As long as it's not to stock, con, or scam me (speaking unfortunately from experience), you can email me at or use my contact form :)